Wednesday, 20 August 2008

wanking off me sisters dad

ain't really all that bad...

checked some of the racing in the Olympics last night, that track looks fucking awesome! sooooooooooooo fast! the only canadian dood scott got taken out in the quarter finals but a hurtin alburtin samantha cools made it into the finals, qualifying 13th (good job yo!) but will be in a heat with anne caroline chausson from france who is fast as shit...slash her tire! jill kitner is also racing for team yanks, click on her name to check a defgrip/harrison boyce interview

so the creekside underground is doomed at the end of the month, possibly sooner so i wanna get some shots down there before shit goes to shit. took a couple with david last night turned out alright.

the catty woods guy's have to raise like 30 grand or some crazy shit to get the fencing and insurance bull shit they need so they're having a contest of some sorts and here's a little promo from their site

catty woods from janis on Vimeo.

let's get Xtreme!

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