Sunday, 31 August 2008

i want a goddamned cheesburger and some fries

you fucking gooback

saw some crappy ska band and another band called creepshow that were pretty rad at the g.l.c. last night, bruno even appeared 'cause it was erik's birthday. so me and justing met up with them and rocked out... creepshow was pretty rad. then me and justing searched out more beers and everywhere was busy as shit 'cause it's the long weekend, and moe joe's was quiet so we went in there and all of a sudden there was some rad cover band playing.. it was sweet shit... i'll have some pictures from it up tomorrow, and a couple from the park 'cause i need to get some shot's for pow so i snapped off a couple of brad yesterday...

so here's a few stolen things to tide over...

paul fuckin b yo

some sick trails in england from derelict my balls

August in 50 frames per second from Dave King on Vimeo.

and another from their site

That Boy Needs Therapy from Dave King on Vimeo.

some kid who's really stoked
Untitled from kirk on Vimeo.

and this shit's just funny ahhhh the come up

park session tonight...doooooooo it

hahaha and this video is fuckin weird

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