Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Surfs Up Assholes!!!

Yeah. Sweet. Aj is official bloggin up on the Rev site. Unfortunately not living in Whustler i don't get to hang out with you lot as much as i'd like but i'm always on the net so here goes with some cool things i've seen over the weekend. This'll be brief as i'm about to hit the hay!!!
http://vimeo.com/1751390?pg=embed&sec=1751390. Sick Trails in Oz! Good style to!

I'm not sure if some cobba that goes by Tim posted this a while back or not.....but it's goin up again coz it's a dope setup and the song kicks ass!!

And.....some more sick trails footage. (Don't worry b-unit! I'll post some crazy street shit up when i come across some, just for you mate)

I'm out for now lads. Enjoy. See you this weekend weather permitting. I heard Sunday could be a goer!

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