Thursday, 2 October 2008

shit,god damn,get off your ass and jam....

hey it's wednesday,let's jam this sucka...

jonathan came out to film some stuff, for an evolution web video i think, so we all rode our bikes and good timed it, jared 1 all most killed dewar and the pump line saw some serious action last night, trains and crossings and chaos... smiles... i didn't take too many shot's 'cause i was, well, killing it in the scene as they say, or was it killing the scene? but there was a plethora of photographers out last night, by which i mean 2 other then me, so there's some day shot's that hopefully nick will put up, he got a few of us all training the pump line and small line, it was scary rad... and then it burned..... here's what i did shoot... and i don't feel much like sitting here, i need a ceaser and some chicken wings...stat.

and a video to end it

some chertsey footage, from derelict blog

Bobby M from Dave King on Vimeo.

and chick on bmx

bmx chicks from reefer_leaf on Vimeo.

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