Wednesday, 29 October 2008

louisianna saturday night

or a burnaby one.... looks like the sky wants to piss down rain and snow for a while which is gonna pretty much take us into winter....lame...

hit the trails a bunch this weekend though, and i grabed a couple shots... 'twas a wild weekend...

and here's some random shot's of late...

ryan gettin' loooooooooooose

and wook cooked up some diner, what a sweethart!

and we checked out one of bruno's hockey games..

and some bonkers shit sam filmed at the igloo, grosser is fuckin rad...footjam 3 to tyregrab? fer reals yo

Igloo from sam lowe on Vimeo.

and dirty dave and some city kids, even frogger's in there

Guildford Bowl from James van de Kamp on Vimeo.

that's it for now, i have some other vid's i've found that i'll put up tomorrow or something, learn some american history

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2 shovels said...

holy hell! youre all the way up there, thats awesome! i bet its perfect in the summer. craig and cory are the best. If I ever come up that way ill track you down but for now we can be blog buddies :] trails are the best. its getting winter here too, which means...riding is about to slow down or stop. total bummer.