Tuesday, 4 March 2008

the day the summer ended in june

well really it was july something but fuckballs i'm sick of not biking...someone give me some duct tape so i'm not scared of my knee.... back down to vancouver next weekend with brad, luke better get off his ass, and it better be dry....

misery signals played at punknight with operastrike and the gravelife...fucking heavy, so awesome...
mongoose came back and played another show...highspeed shit right there...followed by callahan who did some ass kicking as well

brad turned a day older and got a new fit complete....keep it real yo
wallride to 180

i miss summer...chazza should come back and he should dig...spin o ramma

calllahan of vancouver area local's only

mongoose is rad....east van

my roommate got a new fish tank and spends a lot of time with his bong in front of it..

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