Tuesday, 11 March 2008

fuck the snow!

don't do that, it shrinks..... listen to costanza

tassie luke is gonna road trip the shit outta tasmania with rourkey... waft a backie!

heath is heading to SLC from tasmania and then to moooooontana... and then here? you better be cunty!

and cotton is flying in may 15th 'till july 15th...

daylight saving means closer to spring, fuck yeah!
check out pawoods.com for info about fund raisers to help save catty woods... buy their video, it'll probably be the best of the year anyways...

no more elevation in whistler...boooooooooooo... i miss dave and nick...gilly smells funny...damn fart machine.... rumor has it that it'll be in mexico from now on??? c'mon jay!

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