Tuesday, 19 February 2008

whiskey river take my mind

so we get to the igloo, no one's there and wade has no key.... let's go watch hockey... found a cool looking ledge by the skytrain station on the wayand shot some pic's there...wadewhip of course....had some sketchy fucker starring us down from the moment wade started riding the ledge, then he went and sat right one the ledge while i was setting up flash's and wade was sitting by my bag on safety watch.... he just sat on the ledge and starred at us for another 5 minutes before he went and got on a bus... fucking weird.... so here's some pic's i fucked up, the other's will end up on defgrip for an interview with wade.. keep an eye on macneilbmx.com for a day in the life he filmed with harrison as well...

new "jersey" barrier extension type thing at the igloo = wade going huge

also been some good bands at the punk night recently.... last week was blackie and the triumphs and madcowboys from calgary...good time fun time

look at some pictures, surrey steve and wade and some musical classical

surrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrey.... almost turndown

wade, footwhip to 180 back in

blackie and the triumphs..... drinkin and fidlin

carpenter, lindsay's fav

mad cowboys from calgary, kicked ass....

that's it, maybe shoot some snow bike pic's with bruno this weekend,

canucks and red wings on hockey night in canada, motown gonna thrash some hippys

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