Tuesday, 15 February 2011

git some!

'cause i'm so fuckin good.

the shit your pants happy face..

the shit your pants scared face

probably the best runs i've ever had...coulda done with out the camera bag a few times,glad nikon's are like j-roc's pile of rock..

beeler get here next storm!

ain't war hell!

1 comment:

jbvo said...

i hear ya bud, there's nothing like ridin pow. been hittin it hard down stateside with these last couple storms. completely lovin it. i'll be up there again sometime this season.

doin a trip this wkend, hittin baker fri night/sat then goin up to van, the bro's are having a party sat night that should be sick and i'll be around the city n ridin cypress. holla if u can come south at all. blaze on your rev