Sunday, 2 January 2011

put another log on the fire

cook me up some bacon and some beans...
happy new years folks, busy times around chateau dq, with luke and chester off to nz in just over a week, trying to get things in order and bruno's sled sorted and hopefully him some safety new years day sled for them i guess,killer skies over head today, started 2011 off with a session at the skate park, no christmas day sesh but it's been on the last few days... keen as!

and slightly to the north, it's a bit colder. these are from dale's house a couple weeks ago, Xtreme snow metal slide's, quite the setup so far. only to expand as the snow falls,cowabunga dude!

and one more vid before i'm off, james steele kink vid from the embassy

James Steele Kink Edit from Embassy on Vimeo.

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