Sunday, 16 January 2011

i'll be what i am

a solitary man.luke and chester have changed time zones. no word yet but i'm sure luke's been in at least 1 motor vehicle accident and screamed at a dozen people so far. in other foreigner news, cotton's a dumbass and won't be travelling much out of england for a coupe years, and tassie luke scored some epic footage of big john while he was in 'stralia! c'mon johnny! kenny would do it!

here's to you ol' chop!

a couple vids for ya, FU4 set to be the biggest event in the history of events, maybe.

FU4: Digital Video Disc Promo 1 from Charlie Crumlish on Vimeo.

jeff evans/issac barnes 1664 vid,

Jeff Evans/Isaac Barnes 1664 mix from 1664BMX on Vimeo.

and this is on it's own level of awesomeness, best of jason enns on the demolition site, click.

hopefully i'll get to some other pictures tonight, but for now you get this.

happy dirty 30 to mo.. somehow i've managed to not have a single photo of him all night..

and shot some other's with dave at the park the other day before we got snowed in. although now all the rain has melted all the snow here again..

and on a personal note, i'd like to thank stew johnson for putting out the best trail video ever. anthem II has definitely lived up to expectations and finally getting to see home of the brave is awesome. now having said that i would also like to say thanks for putting the video out in december. here's a view of our trails at the moment, asshole.


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