Thursday, 27 May 2010

you do a line and i'll do a line honey

not a solid sky of clouds, dig day..hopefully a session at the bowl too.. observe and report.

redbull dirtpipe 2010, eastern vid i think? found these on buildthewoods anyways..

and this one's the redbull version,

i'm gonna take a stab and say kalamazoo from the red wing love(shit yeah!) grizzlife?

tbvo bmx life

tbvo bmx from Lifewithaquestionmark on Vimeo.

some stolen shots from

dirtbike crash clip..

and they've been filming a bunch of helmet/penis cam stuff... hit the site for more.

and i meant to put this skate clip up last week, tomtrickery crazy bouncing kickflip thing? click the link
weird trick

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