Wednesday, 26 May 2010

country campin'

that was certainly a time, lucky for breakfast, mushrooms for lunch and moonshine for dinner..yeah..

stoner video dump of the last week..found a bunch more now too so i'll put some other's up later... these are some random's from thecomeup

bonedeth contest from props 61

mirron's first filmed double backflip

One day session with Roey, Robbo & Mikey in and around Austin, TX.

Mutiny Bikes - "One Spring Day" from Mutiny Bikes on Vimeo.

first line in the park is sweet..random comeup board vid..

and then there's this crazy french bastard...this shit's crazy, i don't even know what to say..freestyle yo

French Trial X biker Julien Dupont takes his motorbike for a joyride through the streets of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv in Israel. from

trail vid post later...

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Anonymous said...

good to hear you've been trippin balls too...rev country