Friday, 3 July 2009

where the fuck's timbo?

oh here i am, went camping with bruno for a few days, it was pretty intents! and my computer has officially shit the bed and i have to send it back to ontario...fuck you dell... seriously..

on the lighter side of the newz, camping was dope and i'm deffo hittin' up our first spot again...i'd be stoked to show off some photos but i have no computer other then bruno's so you get shitty one's for now..

trail sessions have been on... oh it's on..

this is how we gonna do it

big john and paul have been up for some trailin', revin', and goodtiming

ponybitch has now left pisstler but at least he hit fleure de lit

p'tit guy!

ghost town

stoped by the burnababy jam, thanks boize.. sorry 'bout the water pail,haha, hope you saw that

best band-aid ever

happy canada day eh!

p.s. i put these up drunk last night without editing any of them, some of them need a touch up...ahh well, suck it :)

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