Tuesday, 23 October 2007

blogg the shit outta that blog

so i'm making blog's......... is this because i'm a genius and have a lot to say? because i'm really important and you should read what i put here or your life will suck? no, reading what i type will not make you smarter better looking or more important. this is a bunch of shite. this is so i can post up pictures, bitch, do a backflip... something......... reality, i'm bored, i work in an internet cafe teaching people how to use microsoft word and other things they didn't pay attention to in school. this blogging will be until i can afford to pay for website hosting of my own, and maybe even learn how to make one....

so what am i gonna write about? mostly BMX. that is pretty much my life right there nowadays... BMX is fun. some people don't seem to like fun, instead they decide to talk shit about people they don't know who have seem to gotten a break where the complainer has not, because that superstar sucked so and so's wang while giving their brother a handjob and letting their mom shit on them. if that's all it takes to hook up free bikes and redbull party's, well shit on me...
tassie luke knows that it's all aboot the fun....eh... well he's a dirt jumper and they're all lame ass's... he'll jump on a rail and ice pick the shit out of it and blast quarters in a skatepark street riding wankers. really all i'm trying to say is the only people you should be talking shit about is your friends after you've snuck up and given them a wedgie.

i'll also talk about shooting photographs. not very much about how to take them 'cause i don't know shit.... i just push a button, really. but i'll talk about certain pic's so much so that i might sound like a national geographic professional. i'm not.although i can scam my way into a free media pass pretty easy.

this is dave, as you can see from the smile, he likes fun as well, which is cool.

so i guess that's enough stupidity for now. if you looked at my words and think i'm an idiot, cool... i pretty much am. if you liked them you should buy some pictures, i'm hungry and i need money to buy rev's. now i'm gonna try to figure out how to use this. shoulda paid attention in school

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