Sunday, 20 July 2014

riding on an iron butterfly

so there was a bit of stuff going on, had a Canada Day jam under threat of rainy skies that held off 'till the night. Things were pretty sweet, and i got a few snaps in before my batteries died out. Teet is a savage mo fo.

keep calm.

Here's a couple more pics from the pb&jaaaaaaaaaaaam

Devon got himself a new ride with stoppers on it, new trend time!

luke la fleur

taylor made it up from the city, been a while since the trails have seen his shadow!

teet's been watching the wolf brigade vids and doing a lot of stretching before slaying the jumps

hango, 10 feet above everyone else of course

manu the red

flash the gash, the my batteries said suck it.. Hopefully we can do it all again around the end of august when everyone can make it back to town.

and here's a quick vid from kush, things are looking pretty sweet down der eh!

and in case you missed it, tester dave had an interview with some vids and pic's on the embassy site, go have a peek see and watch for surrey in the back ground, not filming.


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