Friday, 20 December 2013

Good grief

 So it looks like the free agent crew is getting ready for next summer at rev! A little vid of TJ Ellis, Heath, and Jared cruising Heath's yard from cydi. Looks like nice weather,damn you californee. Click on in after the pic.


tj sideways

2nd angle of jared's shot in ride

heath had lines all over the place

booster bru


and now for the moving picture show.

this is extra funny 'cause just yesterday i was talking wwf with somebody and stone cold knocking out vince mcmahon came up, and a pretty damn good song too!

And here's a quick little vid baller put together of nik muryn riding at gibsons. wade has a vid with himself, nik and another kid robby routley road tripping through the states and shredding some street and park moves so go and check out his other vids on vimeo after.

and some more canadian content from the embassy, andrew lazeruk shredding vancouver and squam, that paint job was scary

happy birthday bruno

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