Saturday, 15 June 2013

i bet i could be political too

"it would be disrespectful to turn down a beer from mat hoffman"

mr. clark i will buy you a beer for that one! hell yeah mad mat air time!

check out some things and stuff after these short messages!

speaking of beer, i'll take one! but for you good folks who have their hearts crushed every time you show up and i've failed to brighten your day i offer up to you a small smorgasbord of my stash and a couple other treats for your mind..

sorry for my political throw down.. this flick here is called the salmon confidential, and the second one is called Canada's war on weed.

 the fish have a huge impact on more then we can think of, allowing these fish farms to continue what they are doing is giving wild salmon the plague and killing an eco system nevermind what you eat chowing down on these shit fish.. in bc's last vote i wanted to run my head into a wall, hearing people tell me they don't like one but can't vote for the other.. what the fuck? it's not one or the other for fucks sake, make a change.

Salmon Confidential from Twyla Roscovich on Vimeo.

this is a trailer for another movie in the making called "casting a voice" about keeping enbridges pipeline out of b.c. in 11 years (1999-2010) they had 804 recorded spills, maybe it's not the best idea..

second vid, i wont lie, i like to smoke.. you do, i do, your mom does, my mom did. i'm kinda shocked the states did this before Canada.....

local celebrities at work, perhaps...dickhead

again sorry kids for the outburst but...

and now, it's showtime

rev yard is on it's way.. dale's dumped a couple 'barrows and l.g. carpentry has been hard at it.. curved wall on the way.. wall ride at rev re-sheeted and the small line drop in buffed up, good on ya luv ;)


and now what you really came to see

hmmm good... see ya tomorrow kids

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