Wednesday, 12 September 2012

There' no place i'd rather be

With my red necks, white socks and Cariboo beer!

Eatin' time at the trails! Time for dead leaves and crisp air!

Heard rumours of Lynnwood being in danger, sorry to hear fellas! Good luck..

Here's a couple shots from our Labour Day jam action, lot's of shredding ad good times. Still got a bunch of pics to go though so you get what you get for now. Fuck is it ever on when i get a new mac..

bossman b

hot carl

what do you do when the bridge is out? jump that mofo

almost there with manu

BSD reppers teet and dave who snuck into the boss train

And here's a sweet vid seen in Sasquatch land

Oli and Fil just drove past the shop on the way to the trails so i'm out suckas

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