Thursday, 21 July 2011

if they worried about their looks

they'd wear pants... long weekend? man it's precipitating out.. will vanier dry up? hopefully... i'll be there to sell illegal copies of the limited edition blazeguard 'zine. they will be available for one easy payment of 1 million dollars. can't just be givin' this shit away ya know? anyways, down to brass tax's, or something. sorry for the lack of un-entertaining jibberish and non-sensical ramblings but i've been a bit busy these days and our internet connection seems to be a bit lacking, possibly the amount of money i owe them. but i do have some brand new goods for ya'll. i managed to get this onto my vimeo page and couldn't get blogger to run.. sweet, haha.. ahh well should be sorted soon. without further adoodoo, an edit i put together from the trails.. i'll have another squamish sessions vid soon enough as well.

back to work..

oh yeah, had a little sesh at the park with a wandering pikey from the coast. paallday, bitches bikes and 40's.

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