Monday, 18 April 2011

So where you from?

we travel all the way to idaho, just to meet more canadians.. haha. Been in Twin Falls for a few days so far, haven't had a chance to hit the skatepark yet but i'll try to get out there tomorrow if the rain lets up. The fellas have gotten a few jumps off the bridge here, and looks like we'll be drying out canopies tonight again. heres a vid from a buddy we've met here who's been living the BASE dream here with almost 100 jumps in 90 days. heres his first double backie.

1st Double from Roger Nelson on Vimeo.

haven't got any new pics on here yet so you get some more stolen content, but this vid is sick, hango killing it basically.

filmed by blazeguard, i guess hango is now riding for fit/1664

Blazeguard - Jordan Hango welcome to Fit/1664 from John Thompson on Vimeo.

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