Saturday, 16 October 2010

black river blues

5000 miles and no tickets...sweet..good drive back, a fox, a coyote a moose and some deer all stayed the fuck out of the way. vortex. checked out the forks in winnipeg for a quick morning session, and millennium for a few hours, then off to a radio tower for a jump and then driving (the fucking long way at 3 a.m., fuck) for a weekend in canmore. good times with some gnarly dudes, sebastian the sasquatch from france and roberto the colombian and alistair from calgary and aaron, i dunno where your from..dirty old bastard...and then theres randy... advice to any base jumpers out there, you weigh more then shit tickets.. really glad you're still here dude.

speaking of drives, luke and chester made it out of america alive.. whilst finding out the ford can be used as a monster truck. luke's amazing driving streak of shitluck in the states continues.

and we're off to see bob wayne next week? fuck maybe big john should drive..

film shots of random, some from my last drive, last summer's drive, and winter olympic bmx'ing..

120 b/ph

some new delights at the trails have been sculpted, i can't wait for next it too early for that yet? forgive the digitalization of the shitty pics


gotta go check out luke 3-d tv, see ya

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