Thursday, 15 April 2010

what do you do

to get your hands on your shit motherfucker?

videoextravaganja...i'm going diggin, hey day tripper, make sure you bring that bike and your dog sleigh license! shit's good to go, jumped the butterfly yesterday, was busy as fuck there!

some new jump park action in kelowna, camping trip? fuck yeah! check it out here,actnowbmx and scroll down to find the jumps, it won't let me link to the post for some reason..

marcus tooker vid from thevitalup

Marcus Tooker in Australia - More BMX Videos

and a couple from lifer van orman

trip balls

pipe dreams 1 from Steven Hamilton on Vimeo.

oh yeah and this, deluxe yo

dlx leftovers from josephrobert on Vimeo.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

fuck yea butterfly...let's rip

blazer van keenman