Friday, 14 November 2008

Plow it down!

english robbo vid from the pawoods site, shit yeah can't wait for their vid this year!

robbo from woods on Vimeo

and some youtube action from gordy toth's east coaster trip

and now the bad news.

so it seems that oka holdings (the company that owns the land where the trails are) is hellbent for building a university in whistler. given the fact that one was built 30 minutes down the road in squamish just over a year ago i say what the hell do you have to build one here for? on a wetland, inhabited by bears, beavers, coyotes, owls, heron cranes and a billion fish..seriously, wtf! i guess maybe it's because dollar signs don't come to my eye every time i look at a piece of land with nothing on it. their website show's where the developing will take place, not directly atop our jumps as the mystery house is proposed, but come on, how much land to you need to rape out of this "wonderland"? wonderland is quickly going the way of dis-nee land (sorry but there's a profit to be had)


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