Sunday, 20 April 2008

how come i can't have my change in american? 'cause we're in canada

how is it americans will absolutely refuse to take even a canadian penny but they'll expect us to give them change in american? like we'd have a separate till full of american money? wtf....

end of the telus festival means dead season in town, at least until the mountain bikers start..fuck...

bruno finally got everything together for his bike, except now he hates his pedals.. is there longer pins for 1664 beaver pedals?..... anyways his bike looks pimp as shit and somehow weighs 21. something pounds? it's insane to ride....and we had a session at the skate park, mostly drinking rev's and trying to take a retarded carve picture.. you'll see... haha

here's a couple pic's from the three inches of blood show before the end of punknight

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